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E-Security E-Learning Application Development


  • Need to improve productivity and enhance security for the students and the staff.
  • Need to network management security to increase bandwidth productivity.
  • Need to control and mange network resources.
  • Need to filter access to inappropriate content as well as potentially harmful sites, while allowing relevant information reach student.
  • Some of foreign laws such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) can penalize the schools that don’t use internet filter software.
  • Need to safe the bandwidth from MP3s, streaming video, and online chats, these can seriously affect the network’s speed and performance.
  • Websense permits schools IT administrators to customize internet access policies by user, group, workstation, or network. Thus, it is easy to enable faculty to access a different range of sites than students.
  • Websense allows the schools to block sites with bandwidth-intensive content,thus improving overall network performance.
  • Websense increased available bandwidth, improved network performance and Security.
  • Also Websense protect the schools from new and emerging internet threats, suchas spyware and malicious mobile code, pose new challenges for educationalinstitutions.
When reviewing internet filtering products, Websense offere the broadest service options available. The extensibility of its filtering tool reduces our need to closely Monitor network resources, which in turn conserves IT resources in terms of staff to oversee network activity, as well as capital investment in additional bandwidth.

Huge amount of information beside speed of the rate of change in this information become one of the big challenges which face the traditional e-learning especially in universities.


Also large numbers of science branches make it difficult to many students to learn what he/she wants by traditional learning because the student need methods to remain connected and updated with his specialized subject community especially outside his country


In traditional learning, the barrier of place, cost, culture and limited number of seats in the big universities in most science branches face most of students to learn what they hope to learn

E-learning approach solves most of the above challenges by creative solution and tools. E-learning uses the ICT infrastructure to provide methods for collaboration and interactivity between students, professors and research group beside the availability of updated materials and courseware anytime anywhere. GNSE Group has long experience in developing universities courses in many branches. Our added values rely in our story boarding, art direction, creativity of scenarios from one side and on our experienced rigorous development process from the other side, resulting in a much appreciated pedagogically approved courseware.
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